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UPDATE TIME (bet you weren’t expecting that)

I wanted to do something for Nightmare Night, but I didn’t have proper computer access until this weekend, so I’m sorry that it’s late.

I’ll try to update more frequently from now on, I started high school this year so I’ve been a little busy, also you guys should send some questions.

So yeah! Nonsensical Nightmare Night edition.

(edit: Also, stupid tumblr won’t put the panels in the right order :( tumblr you are a butt) (edit again: there, it’s correct now)

Guys, don’t worry. This blog isn’t quite dead (again), I’ll make an update this weekend I’m sorry I’ve just been lazy :|

So more details.

As promised, more details! I’m Purplemelonz, the new mod of Ask Scootadude. I’m currently drawing the next post, I’ll have that up as soon as possible. I’ll try to keep the style, it may change *slightly* unfortunately, but it’ll still be Scootadude. 

So until then, have a good day everyone!

Okay guys!

New mod of Ask Scootadude here, I’ll make a more detailed post later when I can get on the computer. There’s some questions in the ask box to answer, in the meantime feel free to ask more! :3

((I’m sorry to say this, but Ask Scootadude is officially closed.))

((This will probably be the last post of this blog. The reason I’m closing it is… well, I’ve lost interest in drawing these posts. At first it was a fun thing to do, but as I got more and more followers, it became a chore for me.))

((For the past few weeks, the follower count has been around 120. Seeing that my followers are tired of waiting, I’m just going to throw this out there.))

((If ANYONE is interested in taking up this blog, please send me a request in the ask box. The new owner will be chosen randomly, and will then be given the e-mail and password. Good Luck!))


P.S, Please be at least somewhat of an artist!


Yeah, I’ve got ‘em!



What is this sorcery!? 



What is this sorcery!?